By Cora Webb, News Editor

Across the country, National Engineering Week (NEW) is celebrated in numerous ways in order to show appreciation for engineering, which has affected today’s society in numerous ways.

“Engineering is needed in our society because nowadays everything is revolving around technology,” Junior Tarnisha Thomas said.

The celebration of NEW was started in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Celebrated the third week of February, NEW is observed by more than 70 engineering, educational and cultural societies, one of them being Keenan.

“I enjoyed the way we celebrated National Engineering Week this year,” Junior Clinton Bouyer said.

This national event also draws the attention of more than 50 corporations and governmental agencies.

At Keenan, students, teachers and faculty analyzed and celebrated NEW in highly educational ways.

To get involved with NEW, Keenan welcomed a motivational speaker, Mr. Rahshawn Merrick, to speak to the Freshman class about finding their passions and discovering their true friends.

“Rahshawn Merrick inspired me to follow my dreams against all odds. His story was truly touching, and I was very grateful for the opportunity to meet him. I hope he comes back one day,” Freshman Jalona Webb said.

Although the appearance of the motivational speaker pertained mostly to Freshmen, upperclassmen were not left out of the NEW inspirational activities.

In conjunction with various companies whose work revolved around engineering, Keenan held a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fest in the gym to get the students interested in possible career choices in the future.

“A STEM Fest celebrates engineers all over the [worl]d [and] what they do to make lives easier,” Sophomore Chibuzo Ibemere, Robotics Team Member, said.

With the purpose of calling attention to the contributions to society that engineers make, the STEM Fest conveyed the use of science and math in connection to robots, astrology and aerospace engineering.

“Different companies had stations set up in the gym, and they explained their jobs and some of the benefits of working there,” Sophomore Kendra Entzminger, Robotics Team Member, said.

Overall, National Engineering Week is a time for schools to elaborate on the importance of an education backed with science, technology, engineering and math. Hopefully, the 2013 STEM Fest and the visit of a motivational speaker have highlighted possible careers for students and will help the students to develop their futures.