By Shacori’ya Eaves, Features Reporter

The 2013 prom theme is “A Sweet Night in Paris.” This theme arose from the idea of a candy land theme and the idea of a Paris theme.  The prom committee, along with Mrs. DeVonne Smalls, Junior Class Sponsor, worked hard to gather ideas and set forward goals to make sure Juniors and Seniors had a good night.

This year the prom was held at the Holiday Inn & Suites on Two Notch Road on May 18. This was a formal affair. The colors of the evening were gold, black and purple.

“We [were] excited. It seem[ed] like there… [was] a bigger turn out than last year,” Smalls said.

The $40.00 tickets went on sale April 18 until May 2, and tickets increased to $50.00 from May 3 to May 17.  Tickets went up to $60.00 the night of prom. The dress code was strictly enforced. Students could have up to three guests under the age of 21. Guest had to have IDs when entering, or they were not permitted into prom at all under any circumstances.

“Ticket sales…exceeded where they were last year during this time. My committee…work[ed] very hard to prepare for prom,” Smalls said.

This prom was a night to remember filled with the elegance of Paris topped with the taste of endless candy and the fun of long-lasting memories.

“It [was] a lot of hard work and dedication putting together ideas for this year’s prom,” Junior Khadijah Lesane said.

The prom committee members were Juniors Taylor Neal, Tarnisha Thomas, Lesane, Briana Davidson, Ayanna Suber, Shacori’ya Eaves, and the Sophomore Class Officers. They all gathered to make the prom an exciting night filled with fun for their peers.

“Based on all that has been done to prepare for prom, I think the night of prom [was] a big success, and I think everyone…enjoyed their night,” Suber said.