By Khadijah Lesane, Features Writer

Mrs. Charnice Ray’s Sports and Entertainment Market class participated in the “Move Your Body” Flash Mob Dance on March 15.  Ray is a business education teacher.  Her classes worked hard to put together the dance routine to singer Beyoncé’s song “Move Your Body”.

“I felt that the Flash Mob was a success, even though everyone who practiced didn’t participate. It was something different…Keenan wasn’t used to,” Senior Giovanni Johnson said.

The students decided to create a video to include a work-out segment, tips for living and eating healthy and simple low-fat recipes.

“The secret about the flash mob was kept very well, and everybody [who] participated did very great,” Senior Alaetra Corley said.

To incorporate the Let’s Move initiative by First Lady Michelle Obama, students used the “Move Your Body” dance by Beyoncé as an alternative for youth-like exercise in a unique way.

“We simply practiced, practiced, practiced, “Corley said.

The Sports and Entertainment Marketing class was awarded a grant from the Columbia Links chapter. The grant is geared to promote healthy living among youth.

“I enjoyed working with my students to make the Flash Mob a success,” Ray said.

Overall the Flash Mob was a hit; the students along with faculty enjoyed this wonderful experience.