By Ayanna Suber, News Writer

On March 12, the Raiders traveled to the South Carolina State House for the Electric Vehicle Awareness Event. The event was held by the South Carolina Energy Office in partnership with the South Carolina Department of Commerce.

This is event involved learning more about electric vehicles, an alternative to the vehicles that we use today.  The event gave the public the opportunity to ride in the electric vehicle and gave them a chance to drive the vehicle as well.

Mr. Kareem Beckett, Physics Teacher, attended the event along with a few of his students.

“This event was basically a way for people from all around the state to promote electric vehicles,” Beckett said.

Beckett said the most exciting thing for him was driving the electric vehicles.

“The vehicles rode smooth and at a swift pace, just like some of the vehicles…we use now,” Beckett said

Beckett said he is proud of the students who came to the event and participated in the activities.