By Morgan Pough, Sports Writer

Sophomore Grant Adams is one of Keenan’s baseball players who strives to be at the top. He’s played baseball since he was five years old. Adams throws and bats right-handed.

His batting average is 0.750 in his 16 games played this year. He has three doubles, six hits and four runs.

“Adams is a good team player and has great batting skills,” Senior William Campbell said.

Adams has improved his performance this season by learning to hit the ball backside and also framing and blocking the ball better.

“Having Adams on the team is a good advantage,” Coach Derek Wilson said.

Playing in college is Adams’ goal to achieve. He is interested in anyone who gives an offer. The University of South Carolina or Clemson University would be his first two choices because of their good teams.

“He has the potential to be in the Major League and should practice more to reach his goal,” Senior Brandon Martin said.

In Adams’ spare time, he likes to rap and make beats to different songs with his friends. He practices almost every day by running and going to the batting cages on Saturdays.