By Ka’Deedra Elkins, Features Reporter

Ms. Nicole Hill, English teacher, was born in Aiken, South Carolina. She attended Columbia College, and this is her first year teaching; she started teaching at Keenan on December 17, 2012.

She had some experience with teaching when she did student teaching at Richland Northeast High School.  Even though she has had experience with children, she has none of her own.

Hill gets along very well with her colleagues; she leaves a lasting impression on the freshman academy teachers.

“Ms. Hill performs very well with her students, and she’s a great English teacher. I don’t know any of her techniques but I know they are good ones because her students are learning very well,” Ms. Deidra Sutton, English teacher, said.

Ms. Nicole Hill is new to Keenan’s English Department. After the departure of Dr. Charity Ntiasagwe, English teacher, Mrs. Alethea Barnes-Hughey, English teacher, was selecetd to take over Ntiasagwe’s classes, so Hill was hired to take Barnes-Hughey’s place working with the Reading and Writing Strategies classes. File photo.

Hill takes pride in being a teacher. She expresses her biggest fears as possible downfalls in her teaching career.

“My fear is being late to work and oversleeping,” Hill said.

Hill enjoys coming to school; her students love to see her teach.

To some Hill is a good teacher, and she influences her students to do better. Her students appreciate her work and respect her.

“She’s a good teacher; her students learn. Honestly it doesn’t matter [what] the teacher[’s] techniques are, as long as the students are learning at the end of the day,” Mr. Christopher Curtis, English teacher, said.