By Ka’Deedra Elkins, Features Reporter

Ms. Deneitra Jackson, registrar, was born in Winnsboro, South Carolina. She attended South University and has been in the profession for many years.

Jackson worked at Fairfield Central High and Middle schools for two years each. She also worked at Fairfield Intermediate School for one year. She has a daughter, who will be turning thirteen in April.

“Ms. Jackson is a great registrar for this school; she knows what she’s doing.  She is a very hard worker,” Ms. Dalphine Humphrey, guidance counselor, said.

Ms. Deneitra Jackson, registrar, looks over a report in the guidance office. Jackson became Keenan’s new registrar when the former registrar, Mrs. Debra Lomas, moved to the attendance office upon the departure of Ms. Sarah Jeter, attendance secretary. File photo.

Jackson works hard to accomplish all the goals she has for Keenan.

“I have no fears, or at least I can’t think of…one,” Jackson said, laughing.

Jackson offers her help to others and helps the guidance office in any way. She enjoys her job.

“Ms. Jackson has a great personality; she has helped the school in many ways. She does a very good job…we need[ed] someone like her in our school.” Mrs. Linda DeLaughter, guidance counselor, said.