By Keri McQueen, Features Editor

Do your parents drop you off at school in the morning? Are they continuously turned around by parked cars acting as gates?  Well, they are not the only ones.

All the rage in the hallways of KHS is the morning drop-off loop’s new route. Upon your arrival to school in the morning, you will notice the entrances and exits of the inner front parking lot have been blocked by the cars of various administrators and staff, leaving parents to go through the outer loop and drop off students directly in front of the school.

Parents of numerous students complain the newly enacted blockage is unnecessary. They are upset because the inner parking lot used to be the horizon between their child getting a tardy and making it to class.

“I used to use the inner parking lot on mornings when I was late because the outer loop was time consuming and I did not want my daughter to be late,” Ms. Stacy Pough, parent, said.

Administration sees this new change as a way to limit morning chaos of cars going in various directions.  Officer Clarence Black, school resource officer, is the go-to person concerning the new policy.

“This is all about safety. There shouldn’t be a backup in traffic because there are two lanes, the one to the far left and the one to the right,” Black said.

Parents saw the inner parking lot as catalyst to beat the early morning rush. Parents who were more in a rush to get to work or other destinations would go through the inner parking lot, whereas the others who wanted their children dropped off in front of the school would go through the larger, outer loop.

“It takes too long, there are unnecessary speed bumps and it gets backed up quickly,” Mr. Robbie Glenn, parent, said.

The administration explains it as a hazard having parents drive through the various entrances and exits of the inner parking lot. They think it might cause a wreck or threaten the well-being of students walking through the parking lot.

Though a good motive behind this rule, I believe this should have been enacted at the beginning of the school year. This would have given parents a chance to get used to it, verses a shocking change in plans during the middle of the year.

Now that parents are limited to the one large loop, they have taken advantage of a two lane approach, as Black said. This to certain extent is a clever idea; however, students being dropped off on the left side of the lane must take extra caution when crossing over.

The school must also take into consideration that those parents who once were in the rush lane (inner parking lot) are now in the lanes of the outer loop. Most likely they are speeding, and this also creates a hazard.

In the front of the school in the right lane on the big loop, there is an emergency fire lane. Has the school taken into consideration that if an early morning emergency takes place, the proper aid may not be able to come through?

Black said the emergency loop being blocked is not hazardous. He expresses that parents dropping their children off should be a fast process and shouldn’t be time- consuming. Thus, if an emergency were to occur, parents could easily move out of the way for emergency vehicles.

There are many solutions that have been proposed by both parents and students. One is one of each, entrance and exit, be open verses just one entrance being open. Another solution is that those individuals whose cars are blocking can take turns in rotation and monitor the traffic in the mornings.

Keenan’s morning blockage has awakened some tension with parents; however, it is all for the safety of the students.