By Joshua Glenn, News Writer

Mr. Robert Link, a teaching intern, has joined the ranks at Keenan. He attends USC and works under Mr. KaReem Beckett, science teacher. While Link’s main focus is physics; he is interested in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) and Project REAL as a whole.

“I went to school and got a civil engineering degree at the University of Pittsburgh, and I realized as the program got more specialized…what I really loved was the science behind it, so I went back to teach science,” Link said

“I want to be a high school physics teacher because my inspiration is to give kids every advantage…I possibly can to be ready for the future,” he said.

Even though his focus is physics, he is capable of offering help and advice in other PLTW and REAL courses.

“While I’ve been exposed to PLTW and Project REAL, I would potentially like to teach that as well,” Link said

Link tries his best as an intern to find ways for students to learn the information.

“I attempt to relate what we’re learning to the students, so…a clear path can be created,” he said.

Even though he works under Beckett, that doesn’t make him any less qualified to take matters into his own hands and explain things in addition to what Beckett says.

He gets along well with the students through the respect and determination he shows; he has formed a bond with them.

Link is a very good physics teacher and offers Beckett significant assistance, Senior Greg Lindsey said.

Link’s stay at Keenan will come to a close in the near future. He will be leaving sometime in April to continue with his future. It is unlikely that he will work at Keenan, but those whom he made an impression on will remember him.

“His teaching methods are very efficient. He breaks things down, so…the students can better absorb the knowledge. He has a bright future ahead of him as a physics teacher, and I hope him the best,” Beckett said.