By Shacori’ya Eaves, Features Reporter

Ms. Erin McGee, social studies teacher, attended the University of South Carolina and is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She is enjoying her first year at Keenan.

“I became a teacher because of my experiences helping my mother in the classroom and coaching.  I enjoy working with high school students, especially when they voice their opinions.  It is always entertaining getting into debates about contemporary issues or discussing controversial topics like slavery.  Additionally, it is a great feeling seeing student[s] succeed with your help.  That feeling is why I will continue to stay a teacher and work in the educational field,” McGee said.

She loves working at Keenan.  She says students, staff and faculty have been friendly and supportive.  She can always ask anyone for help or directions.  The students are always entertaining, and she was blown away about all the talent they have.  It impresses her that her students can freestyle on the spot and work together to make a beat.

“I student taught with Ms. [Henrietta] Montgomery, [then-social studies teacher], last fall, so I was able to see the great things Keenan has to offer.  Of course, being offered the job by Mr. [Alvin] Pressley, [principal], helped my choice in working here…,” McGee said.

McGee has many goals for this school year. Her goals include building a good rapport with the students and people she works with.  She would like to show her students history can be entertaining and how it affects us today.

“It would be great if I could have awesome E[nd] o[f] C[ourse test] scores as well, but that would mainly be my students’ accomplishments,” McGee said.

Ms. Erin McGee, social studies teacher, is happy to start the day with her students. McGee works to plan and teach lessons her students will enjoy. File photo.

McGee thinks she has been able to make positive connections with students.  They come to her with problems or when they are upset, which means a lot to her, since they trust her.

“She’s works well with others; she’s a good helper, knowledgeable and a nice person,” Mrs. Rona Stuart, social studies department chairperson, said.

McGee says some of her students are entertained by aspects of history, when they weren’t before.

“She has a lot of fresh ideas and cool things to go over [in] the whole unit she teaches,” Ms. Jessica Robison, English teacher, said.

Robison serves as McGee’s mentor as McGee completes her first year of teaching.

McGee has won two faculty and staff superlatives for Most Laid Back and Best Personality, which is extremely flattering to her.  She appreciates all the students who supported her through the superlatives voting process.

“It is rewarding to be a teacher.  It may be thankless and much more challenging than I expected, but overall I am lucky to be an educator.  It’s the same reasons…I became a teacher.  I get to work with future leaders of our country or industries.  It is wonderful and terrifying at times to be involved in the thinking process of high school students.  At the end of each day, even if it was a bad day, I am excited to be back the next morning,” McGee said.