By Ayanna Suber, News Writer

Mr. Christopher Curtis, English teacher, was 16 years old when he experienced the scariest moment of his life. Curtis was on his way home from swimming practice when he had a flat tire.

“For some reason I didn’t have my jack with me, and back then I didn’t have a cell phone,” Curtis said.

Curtis didn’t know what to do. In the middle of nowhere it would be hours before someone would drive by to help him, so Curtis walked to the nearest strip mall. All the lights were off in the strip mall except those in one store that was toward the back. Curtis walked to the store in hopes someone would be there to help him.

At first glance Curtis didn’t see anyone in the store, but when he pushed the door, it was open. Curtis called out explain his situation. No one answered him; that was when Curtis would experience his scariest moment.

“I walked in and asked to use the phone. Almost immediately after I asked, two guys jump out and point two guns [in] my face,” Curtis said.

Why were the two men in the store? Curtis didn’t know. As soon the guns were pointed in his face, Curtis bolted out the door with the two guys running after him. Curtis kept running and running until he finally gave out.

“I didn’t know if the…guys would find me or if they would see my car down the street, since I told them I had…a flat tire,” Curtis said.

Curtis finally gave out after running, and he hid behind a tree. Luckily the guys who were chasing him didn’t find him or his car.