By Ayanna Suber, News Writer

Junior Desia Truesdale was in the third grade when she had her scariest moment. It was over the summer, and she was on her way to camp. While riding to camp, Truesdale, her grandmother and her little sister got into a car accident.

“For a moment I felt like I couldn’t move; I couldn’t see my little sister in the backseat either, and I could hear my grandmother hyperventilating,” Truesdale said.

Truesdale was really worried about her family. About 30 minutes later someone called the ambulance, and the three of them were transported to the hospital. They were put in separate rooms.

“For about two hours I couldn’t see my grandmother or my little sister,” Truesdale said.

Truesdale was terrified about the wellbeing of her grandmother and sister. She was ready to see them as soon as possible, but the doctors wouldn’t let her. She felt like her grandmother was going to die.

“I snapped back to reality and realized that I was the one being checked out; we were at the hospital for me,” Truesdale said.

Doctors told Truesdale during the accident she broke her left arm. She was so worried about her grandmother and sister she ignored her own wellbeing.

“After I found out I broke my arm, they put me in a cast and sent me on my way,” Truesdale said.

Truesdale had to go to camp with a broken arm, and she had the worst camp experience of her life.