By Ke’Aundra Jones, News Writer

Mr. Charles Myers, an intern at Keenan, works with Mrs. DeVonne Smalls, Mathematics Teacher. He attends University of South Carolina (USC).

Myers is from Irmo. He enjoys watching movies and playing soccer.

Keenan has given him a warm welcome. The students enjoy having him. Some of the students even say he’s cool.

“He is very observant, and he answers questions well,” Senior Megan McCall said.

Myers participated in Keenan’s Coming Home week. He played in the student-teacher basketball and dodge ball games. He also participated in Spirit Week by wearing attire on the appropriate days.

“That was fun. I felt like I was part of the community at W.J. Keenan, dressing like faculty on Class Uniform Day or like students on Stoplight Day. The basketball game was really fun,” Myers said.

Teachers also get to interact with him. Smalls gets to work with him on a daily basis and loves it.

“He is excellent in all caps. He’s good with students and, number one, he’s willing to grade all my papers. He’s just excellent all around,” Smalls said.

Myers has wanted to be a teacher since he was seven. He has liked math since he was a little kid also. As of February 11, Myers has been teaching all Smalls’ Probability and Statistics classes.

“The students see me more now as a teacher than just Mrs. Smalls’ assistant,” Myers said.

Myers recently proposed to his girlfriend, Miss Cassi Fara (she said yes). She also attends USC. Fara is going to be a high school art teacher. Once he graduates, Myers has decided he wants to teach in Richland One.