By Samanuel Martin, News Writer

Two students, Senior Moriah West and Junior Jonathan Evans, were selected for the Midlands Region Orchestra after auditions took place at Lexington Middle School in October.

At his audition for Region Orchestra, Evans played Etûde by Simandl and an excerpt from Saint-Saëns, L’Éléphant. During his multiple six-hour practices, he worked on his finger placement, bowing and intonation.

“I’ve been playing for about seven years, [I] started in elementary school,” Evans said.

West’s audition consisted of her playing Opus 45, Number 34 by Wohlfahrt and Romanze Opus 50 by Beethoven. She rehearsed her required scales and excerpts relentlessly for hours a day.

“It’s an honor knowing that all my hard work and dedication has paid off,” West said.

Both Evans and West have strong parental backing. Their parents and family push them to do their best and have been providing them a way to express themselves, almost like their personal cheer teams, at all their concerts.

“I have a slight influence from my brother, who also does music. I also love the sound that my instrument produces,” Evans said.

While Evans plans to pursue music and use it as a chance to perform for a scholarship to the University of South Carolina, West plans to attend college and use her musical talents as a side job during college.

Ms. Christy Lewis, Orchestra Teacher, was excited two of her students were able to attain such a difficult achievement.

“Some students have been doing this for years, and some have even had private lessons from music instructors who have been doing this for years,” Lewis said.

Teachers and classical music enjoyers are not the only people who enjoy the music they perform.

“The way she [Moriah] plays is like a flow of smooth notes that are complimented by the subtleness of her instrument,” Senior Chelsea Johnson said.