By Keri McQueen, Features Editor

Ms. Patricia Hall is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where she received a degree in Psychology. Later on she received her graduate degree from the University of Louisville.

Hall was greatly inspired by her third grade teacher. She also believed that teaching was her calling; she realized this in high school. It was because of this Hall pursued her Master’s in Learning and Behavior Disorders.

Hall has been teaching for 10 years. She began in Kentucky where she worked in a school for all special needs and all grades. Hall describes her experience as a privilege.

“It really makes you look at life with different eyes,” Hall said.

Hall is not married, but she is still looking. Although not a mother, Hall is the aunt of 15 nieces and nephews. She likes the color green and her all-time favorite food is sushi.

Hall is very adventurous. She enjoys reading, volunteering and hiking. She tries to visit all of South Carolina’s tourist sites because she has only been back in South Carolina since August.

Hall loves traveling and skiing abroad. She has bungee jumped in New Zealand, where bungee jumping originated. For the upcoming summer, she plans on riding a motorcycle through Ireland. She is fascinated with trying regional foods from places she travels to.

Ms. Patricia Hall sits at her computer as she prepares for her next group of students.  She gathers her lesson plan and activities for class.  Hall is adventurous in her time off but works hard while at school.  File photo.

Hall’s co-workers describe her as being a great supporter of her students’ education. She loves her job and is good at it. As a first year teacher Hall has left a great impression on the ones who surround her every day.

“I can tell that she loves kids and is very concerned about their future,” Mrs. Jackie Taylor, Special Education Department Chair, said.

Hall felt that there was no true obstacle because she always had someone there to help and encourage her. Hall herself offers help to her colleagues as a nice gesture.

“She is very helpful; anything you ask her to do she will do it. She is a great advocate for kids in my opinion, and she is willing to offer her students extra help such as working on weekends,” Ms. Shayla Schofield, Special Education Teacher, said.

Upon her arrival at Keenan, Hall had to adjust herself to the flow of a new system. She had to become familiar with different paperwork and computer systems.

Hall encourages her students to dream great things and puts fourth her greatest effort to help them meet their goals. She stresses teaching her students how to use their God given gifts and talents.

“My ultimate goal would be to help my students know that they are unstoppable,” Hall said.