By Khadijah Lesane, Features Writer

Ms. Yolanda Harrison is one of the new instructional assistants at Keenan. Harrison is originally from Columbia. Her favorite color is simply the colors of joy, happiness and prosperity, and her favorite food is the bread of life.

“I attended a great college, one that prepared me for my educational success, Benedict College,” Harrison said.

The will of others who taught and inspired others to succeed in life is what made her want to become an instructional assistant. Ms. Mary McLeod had a very big impact on Harrison.

“She’s a very nice lady and seems to really care about other people’s children,” Mrs. Jacqueline Taylor, Special Education Department Chairperson, said.

Ms. Yolanda Harrison, a new instructional assistant at Keenan, is a calming presence in the classroom.  File photo.

Harrison chose to work at Keenan because of the wonderful selection of staff and students.  Even students outside the special education classroom have noticed Harrison.

“She’s cool and keeps a cup of coffee in her hand,” Junior Tylen McKinnon said.

Harrison needs coffee to stay energized because she has big goals for this school year. She plans to enable students with knowledge, so they can become productive citizens.  She prefers to spend her time at school working with those students.

“Ms. Harrison is very quiet and stays to herself,” Ms. Shayla Schofield, Special Education Teacher said.