By Shacori’ya Eaves, Features Reporter

Coming Home Spirit Week had many new and fresh ideas for the week of January 28-February 1. Spirit week days included Class Uniform Day, Stoplight Day, Famous Duo Day, Blackout Day and Blue and Gold Day. Each day a lunch activity was held. The lunch activities included Shamrock Funeral, Charades and Red Light Green Light.

“I enjoyed Stoplight Day, it gave people a chance to show their relationship status,” Sophomore Shambre Hayes said.

Thursday and Friday towards the end of day there were gym activities. Thursday the students and teachers faced off in a game of basketball. The teachers won. On Friday the students and teachers faced off in a game of dodge ball. In addition to dodge ball, there was a pie-eating contest during the pep rally.

“I enjoyed dodge ball; it was fun,” Junior Davon Davis said.

Overall Spirit Week had numerous activities and was a week full of fun thanks to Student Council organizers.

“The Spirit Week was fun; I really enjoyed the different day[s],” Freshman Adrionna Eaves said.

Mrs. Alexandria Williams, Science Teacher (back row, center), and her students dress for Blackout Day to mourn during the Shamrock Funeral, held at lunch.  File photo.


Senior Matthew Cook (left) and Junior Derrinique Simmons (right) display their school colors in a fashionable way on Blue and Gold Day. File photo.


Freshmen Karina Rickard, Julia Egbuka and Ivi Mitchell (from left) make known to the world their various relationship statuses on Stoplight Day. File photo.
Faculty members got in on the action during Class Uniform Day, wearing various shades of orange, their assigned color.  Photo by MSG Brenda Boyd, Special to the Sword and Shield.