By Eleecia Javis, Graphics and Design Editor

Many teens today are addicted to social media. They are spending more and more time on social networking sites.  It’s a faster way for teens to connect with friends and family. Social media has taken the place of calling and hanging out with friends.

“People are relying heavily on social networking sites”, Junior Josua Phillips said.  “[They] should be used in moderation.”

The kinds of text messages teenagers are reading and writing as they communicate via text messaging is becoming an issue.  The new “slang” may hurt future vocabulary.

Internet addiction may become a serious issue in the future for the younger generation.  Teens are spending mostly all of their time on social websites.  They are connected to social media through all forms of technology.  Cell phones, computers and iPads make social media available anywhere.  Social media can have pitfalls aside from addiction.

“Social networks may hurt job opportunities in the future for young people,” Junior Zaria Kinsler said.

Teens are revealing too much on social networks and are being turned down by employers for jobs because of the information employers are finding out about them on their social networking accounts.

“Teenagers reveal too much in pictures and videos,” Sophomore Dallas Livingston said.

Teens often post detailed information on social networking sites about them, which invades their privacy and makes it easier for stalkers to attack.

Were we better off before the digital world took over?