By Diamond Covington, Sports Writer

Senior Keira Robinson is on spotlight because of her outstanding performance on the basketball court.  Robinson has been playing basketball since the age of seven.  Robinson knew basketball was her passion because she loved it and could look forward to it after school.

“Keira is an exceptional player, and I really value her talents,” Varsity Basketball Coach Reggie McClain said.

“You want your leader to step it up when the game is on the line, and Keira is always able to overcome difficulties in the games,” he said.

Robinson received a full athletic scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University. Virginia Commonwealth is located in Richmond, Va. Robinson plans to attend Virginia Commonwealth for four years to major in sports medicine.

“Being a captain is a lot of pressure,” Robinson said. “My teammates look up to me, so I have to make sure I set a good example and…don’t let them down,” Robinson said.

During the AA Region III matchup between Columbia High School and Keenan, there was a slow start for Robinson.  Her performance wasn’t up to par, but fortunately she overcame foul trouble and a poor shooting night, leading to a 12-1 run to victory in the final minutes of the game. Robinson usually averages to 21 points per game but finished that game with 15 points and five assists.

“Every game isn’t going to be the best; we are all a team and we can’t depend on her to do everything,” Senior Daisha Eddy said.

Robinson’s talents were instrumental in advancing Keenan’s girls to play in the final round of the play-offs against Bishop England High School for the Championship.