By Richard Lawhorn, Sports Writer

Who is Junior Peter Easaw? Many people ask this question; they ask this question with much anticipation and high expectations. Easaw always seems to reach expectations and goals; he doesn’t fall short. He is the definition of an athlete.

When Sophomore Rodrick Jones hears Easaw’s name, the first word that comes to his mind is “fast.” On the football field and on the track, a good description of Easaw is most definitely fast.

“Peter is one of our best football players, [a] good athlete,” Jones said.

In his junior year of football, Easaw ran for 23 touchdowns and 2,500 yards, which helped give him the 2A Player of the Year in South Carolina. Even with his unbelievable stats in his junior year, Easaw is still modest and humble.

“It went pretty well but could’ve been better,” he said.

Even with all this sudden success one would think it would go to Easaw’s head, but he just stays grateful and humble. Easaw just tries to work harder than the next man.

Junior Peter Easaw lives the life of a star.  No matter what, Peter is still humble.  Photo by Derrinique Simmons, Staff Photographer.

“Peter is explosive, humble and determined,” Senior Patrick Tyler, Easaw’s track and football teammate, said.

Just being Peter Easaw now comes with big expectations. Whenever he received a kick, the only thing that everyone thought was “touchdown.”

“Every time he touched the ball, he was going to score,” Tyler said.

The one person who drove him to work so hard and to be the beast he is was his grandmother. She died towards the beginning of this year’s football season.  He used that loss as inspiration.

“I missed her, so I ran for her,” Easaw said.

So when the next time a person hears the question “Who is Peter Easaw?” anyone should already know the answer.