By Khadijah Lesane, Features Reporter

Ms. Stephanie McCummings is one of the new teachers at Keenan this year. In McCummings’ spare time, she enjoys eating carrot cake and drinking protein shakes. Her favorite color is pink, and her birthday is February 1st.

McCummings enjoys teaching in the Special Education Department and interacting with her students. Although a first-year teacher, she blends in as if she has been here for years. Entering into the field of education was an easy decision for McCummings.

“I wanted to do something worthwhile and help children,” McCummings said.

Not only is McCummings a great teacher, but  she has come to Keenan with great expectations for her students in the school year with plans  to increase cultural awareness and vocational skill development for her students.

“Ooh, she’s a delight and pleasant and very polite,” Ms. Deirdre Hutson, Mathematics Teacher, said.


Ms. Stephanie McCummings is new to Keenan’s Special Education Department this year.  McCummings’ colleagues are impressed by her personality and her dedication to student achievement.  Photo by Derrinique Simmons, Staff Photographer.

McCummings has left quite an impression on her colleagues. She proves herself loyal and a good confidant to surrounding coworkers.

“Ms. McCummings is a wonderful coworker; she’s always there when you need to talk, whether it’s life or school related,” Mr. Christopher Curtis, English Teacher, said.

McCummings’ exuberant teaching style reveals to others that she is fit for the job. She tries her best to assist her students in all aspects of their education.

“She has bright ideas and knows how to help her kids become successful,” Curtis said.

McCummings enjoys working here and feels that there are a lot of good kids here. She looks forward to her future teaching and working at Keenan.