By Keri McQueen, Features Editor

Ms. Archias Gilmore-Brown has been teaching for 25 years and is now Keenan’s new chorus teacher.  She graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  There Brown majored in Vocal Music Education.

Brown absolutely loves the colors red and purple.  She likes any kind of food with a New Orleans flair.

Brown is the proud mother of three boys.  Brown is not married at the present time; however she had been previously married 15 years.  In her spare time Brown likes to read and cook; she calls those activities her passions.

Teaching has not been the only thing on Brown’s list of accomplishments.  She has been featured in many other singing endeavors.

“I have sung background for major recording artists and have even sung duets with a couple of them as well.  I have been part of two groups that each recorded CDs,” Brown said.

Brown’s talent is undeniable.  She was supported greatly by her mother and father, who always encouraged her to use the gifts that she was given.  She believes that she is a person filled with unlimited potential.

Ms. Archias Gilmore-Brown is Keenan’s new chorus teacher. She also works with REAP students in the afternoons. Gilmore-Brown has made her presence known at school through her lively announcements.  File Photo.

“Ms. Brown is a great teacher.  She takes her students’ ideas into consideration when making major decisions,” Senior Diamond Samuels said.

Brown has many other activities she participates in other than singing.  She gives voice and piano lessons to children.  Brown describes herself as a character.

Brown has set up her future goals for the Keenan Singers, and she is determined to achieve them.  Her goals are none less than someone of her caliber should set.

“I would love to see this group of singers expand well beyond their own expectations.  I would love to see them attain goals that were previously thought out of their reach,” Brown said.

Brown works well with her students and is very proud and excited about the work she does. Brown’s colleagues clearly see her vigor and applaud her for it.

“Having Ms. Brown as a coworker has been a great addition to our Fine Arts Department.  She is a very hard worker, organized and exhibits tons of energy. The students, faculty and staff love her, and I look forward to having her here with us for a very long time,” Mr. Brandon Hopkins, Band Director, said.

Brown strongly believes that the best is yet to come.