By Kendric Gathers, Sports Writer

Senior Keira Robinson is growing up fast and has done the Raiders girls basketball program great justice, Sophomore Demyra Rudder said.  Rudder is a Sophomore player on this year’s team and is close friends with Robinson.

“I have watched Keira’s game grow more and more each day since I’ve known her,” Rudder said.

Robinson’s future is getting even brighter with the accolades she’s receiving such as being nominated for the McDonalds All-American Game, along with making All-Region Team for the 2A Conference.  The hard work she’s putting into this season is inspirational to others and is exactly what coaches want to see out of their Senior leaders.

“Keira is a great leader on and off the court and wouldn’t trade her best friend for the world,” Senior Jada Reaves said.

Senior Kiera Robinson (left) prepares to accept her medal for winning the State Championship title from Mr. Alvin Pressley (right), Principal. Robinson has also been tapped to play in the McDonald’s All-American Game. Photo by Mr. Stephen Milligan, Staff Photographer.

“We’ve been together for as long as I can remember and love the friendship we have. She is a very special athlete, and I’m very proud of her and her success,” Reaves said.

Robinson is outspoken and plays the game of basketball with heart and passion. Without a doubt, many believe she will do an amazing job on the next level and make a name for herself quickly in the world.

“I knew since the day I meet Keira that she would be very successful on and off the court,” Senior Valencia Perry said.

“Every day she has a look of determination in her eyes to get better,” Perry said.