By Anthony Harris, Sports Writer

Students are preparing for the upcoming track season.  The female runners are working just as hard as the males to achieve success.  They are getting mentally and physically fit, so they can compete to the best of their abilities.

Since the team needed females to participate, every girl who tried out made the team.

“There are so little of us females, we didn’t even have to tryout,” Sophomore Kendazha Peters said.

With the small number of runners, the girls still work tremendously hard in practice.  Coaches do not discriminate against the runners because they are females.

“Coaches do not treat us any different from males.  We do every workout the males do in practice.  They are just as hard on us,” Junior Briana Powell said.

The runners have to compete as a team.  Gender is not a factor in trying to be a good team.  Everyone just has to work as hard and try to give 100 per cent in practice every day.  Every runner should work as hard in each workout as she can no matter what the workout is.

“We run around the school a lot, break down and work on our upper bod[ies].  The new head coach makes workouts very intense,” Junior Oneiko Davis said.

The new head coach, Coach John Javis, is dedicated to his team.  He works hard to make sure the runners have a successful season.  Whether the hard work pays off remains to be seen.