By Keri McQueen, Features Editor

Mr. Christopher Curtis, English teacher, is a native of Washington, DC. Although currently a first year teacher, Curtis served as a teaching intern at Keenan last year. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina.

During his spare time Curtis enjoys lap swimming, running and reading comic books. His favorite food is anything someone else cooks. His favorite color varies from day to day.

“My favorite color? Some days it’s blue, and some days it’s green,” Curtis said.

Curtis began his teaching career as an intern with Mr. Stephen Milligan, English and journalism teacher. Curtis had great hands-on experience with teaching classes and interacting with students. Under the supervision of Milligan, Curtis was able to successfully land a job as an English teacher.

“Mr. Curtis was an excellent intern. He immediate integrated himself into the Keenan family and showed his dedication to the teaching career the entire time he was here. I am proud to now call him a colleague,” Milligan said.

From intern to teacher is a big move. There are new tasks that must be fulfilled. Curtis is  no longer under the supervision of someone else in another classroom; he is now the supervisor of his own classroom.

Mr. Christopher Curtis prepares the board for his upcoming class.  Curtis is currenly navigating through his first year as a teacher after having done his internship at Keenan last year.  Photo by Karina Memminger-Rogers, Staff Photographer.

“The challenges and responsibilities of being on your own are amplified, but so are the rewards,” Curtis said.

Curtis has cultivated a positive image of himself in the minds of his co-workers. Those surrounding Curtis describe him to be a joy to have around. They also say there is never a dull moment with him around.  Mrs. DeVonne Smalls, mathematics teacher, had nothing but good things to say about her new co- worker.

“Mr. Curtis is wonderful, great and always has a smile on his face,” Smalls said.

Ms. Mary Haile, English teacher, works very closely with Curtis since their classrooms are right next to each other. When asked about Curtis, an immediate smile and chuckle left her mouth, indicating something positive.

“He is a joy to have next door, [a] quick learner and when he needs help he knows how to ask,” Haile said.

Upon his arrival at Keenan, Curtis set many goals for his students, positive goals that can encourage students. He plans on a 100 per cent HSAP passage rate and increased student investment in class.

“I hope that at the end of the year students can look back and reflect on positive experiences and relationships made with each other,” Curtis said.