By Cora Webb, News Editor

At Keenan, the electronics policy is very limiting in regards to the student body’s interests. There are some in favor of the policy, who would mostly be teachers, and there are some against it, who most likely are the students.

With growing discontent with the electronics policy, there should come some type of change to abide by the idea that the majority rules.

Students are not allowed to use certain electronics in certain settings, most of which are not considered educational. Even with the student body disapproval, there are some teachers who believe the policy is for the betterment of the students.

“I like it because it’s not a distraction during class time,” Mrs. Alexander, agriculture teacher, said.

Alexander feels a way can be found to make sure the electronics are being used properly then they can be used. Alexander has few policy violators in her classroom and follows the school policy on electronics.

This is the general belief of some teachers. Some feel that if students would willingly use their electronics for educational purposes then they could possibly be used.

Even though most students oppose the restricting electronics policy, they also feel Richland County School District One should follow other districts’ relaxed control on electronic usage.

“Yes, I believe that Keenan should follow District Two’s policy on electronics because technology is advancing every day, and  people at Keenan need to know about it, so they can be ahead of the game,” Senior Dominique Scott said.

The electronica policy also has students deciding that the policy works against the students and could possibly hold them back.

“It works against the students because [they] take everything they see and the students [are] stuck on getting their stuff back instead of school work,” Freshman Bryant Johnson said.

Along with other various problems, the electronics policy could also prohibit certain learning skills that internet sources provide and are needed to succeed yet are not allowed to be used. Certain websites that could be manipulated for classwork are blocked.

This should be changed in order for students to have no limitations on success. Cellphones are a specific electronic that could be used for educational reasons.

“I feel that we can get a lot of stuff off our phones because nothing’s blocked,” Sophomore Xzavier Carson said.

Overall, the electronics policy should be lightened to adhere to the concerns of the students. How are students to learn without any distractions if they are distracted by technical knowledge that cannot be used?

The electronics policy should be reduced to lighter terms to suit the educational needs of the students. The electronics policy needs to be viewed from the perspective of the people who are receiving the education – the students.