By Jocelyn Grace, Features Writer

Campus Connection is an organization that takes North and South Carolina high school students on college tours on the east coast.  Within the series of day tours, students can also attend the two week-long tours.  Junior Briana Powell and I have had the privilege of attending both the northern and southern week-long trips.

For the northern trip we all met in Charlotte, NC, at a local church. After attending the morning service we got on the bus and left for Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. For the southern trip we were picked up from our normal pick-up spots. On each tour we visited two colleges every day. At every college we went to, the admissions committee met us and gave us information about the college. They then gave us information on how to apply for the school and the requirements, and if we were lucky, they gave us waivers for the applications.

After listening to the admissions committee, the student ambassadors came in and split us into groups, so we could tour the college. During the tour, we could ask the students personal questions about their school lives and whether they liked the school or not. This information helped a lot with our decision process.

We spent no more than three hours at each school. Afterwards we would eat then either go to our hotel or get on the road to head to our next destination. Even with our busy schedule, the chaperones made sure we took time out to complete all homework for school.

Briana and I both agree that these tours were very beneficial for us, and we are looking forward for next year.