By D’Vaungh Kelley, Sports Editor

The dress code has been changed at Keenan; some students feel that some of the rules are a tad extreme. Some of the dress code rules are accepted such as no bandanas, but others are questionable.

“The dress code is too strict,” Senior LaPortia Smith said.

The wearing of slippers or flip flops is one of the rules argued at Keenan. There are many athletes here, and some of them have shoes known as “slides,” which are open-toed shoes. Students say that they just want to feel comfortable, and some of the shoes are stylish.

“I’m an athlete, so all I wear is slides,” Sophomore Nick Stewart said.

Another argument is the new scarf policy; it bothers a lot of females because the scarves are harmless and it puts more restriction on what they can wear. Some of the girls also feel that there is a bit of discrimination when it comes to the outfits they wear. Some of the female students feel that some of the girls who are “less developed” get away with more.

“I don’t feel like girls should be able to wear what they want because it would be a little distracting, but some things should be allowed,” Junior Taylor Neal said.

Students should be able to wear what they want because it’s comfortable and more affordable for some students. This is an ongoing issue, but coming to a way where student and faculty can agree is difficult.

“The dress code prepares our students for the business world,” Mr. Sean Glover, Assistant Principal, said.

Many students have a strong dislike for the dress code, and there is a controversy between faculty and students.

“We all have rules to abide by in the real world, this is just one of the many that the students will see as they mature,” Mrs. DeVonne Smalls, Mathematics Teacher, said.