Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced today the release of another innovative tool that will create greater awareness for…citizens and an increased availability to free data for…communities.

The Sheriff released the link and access to which is a new way for the public to stay informed about crime in the Midlands. The Richland County Sheriff’s Department now has an online crime map called RAIDS Online ( that maps and analyzes crime data, alerts citizens about crimes in their area and allows the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur.  The Sheriff [said] that communities and citizens can sign up for their own personal report, which will in turn allow…citizens to stay in tune with what is going on in their neighborhoods.

Lott is adamant that a more alert citizen is a safer citizen – and a better citizen.  The Sheriff added that the more aware…citizens are, the more involved they can be in preventing crime and capturing criminals.

Lott [said]…our neighborhoods, schools, churches, businesses and citizens can view a map and grid with all of the crimes in their area and sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically e-mail a breakdown of recent crime activity.  Lott [said]…RAIDS Online automatically syncs with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department’s records system to keep crime information updated online and in the mobile app.  The Sheriff [said]…the system displays the incidents on a map along with the general information about the incident (type of crime, location type and date and time).

Lott [said]…he will continue to find innovative, free services that will keep…communities engaged and knowledgeable – his passion and vision is to have the most informed and aware citizens; while having the most professional law enforcement agency anywhere.

Lott [said]…RAIDS Online and the RAIDS Online Mobile app (for iPhone) are a free service to any law enforcement agency that wishes to participate.  RAIDS Online is ad-free, and Bair Analytics does not sell the data to third party vendors.  Bair Analytics [said]…the Sheriff’s Department remains in complete control over [the] data.