By Eleecia Javis, Graphics and Design Editor

Off-campus lunch is not a privilege for students at Keenan who drive to school. A survey shows how students feel about the topic

Students were asked if they think students who drive to school should have off-campus lunch.

Out of the 30 upperclassmen surveyed, 100 percent said yes.

“I think we should have off-campus lunch as long as we make it back on time,” Junior LaEtta King said.

Students would like the idea of leaving school and having a different atmosphere.

“It is a perfect idea because nobody wants to sit in the cafeteria every day for lunch,” Junior Clinton Bouyer said. “We want more variety of food.”

Students like the idea of having more food choices.

“It provides students with an option of eating what they like,” Junior Donielle Golden said.

The students were also asked if they think students would come back to school if they were offered the off-campus lunch.

Twenty-four students said yes; 6 said no.

“It depends on the person,” Golden said.

Students want off-campus lunch to have more freedom. Canteen prices are rising, and students want to spend their money on what they want. They should leave only if they have a reliable source of transportation.