By Diamond Covington, Sports Writer

On December 19-22, the Keenan Varsity basketball team competed at Richland Northeast High School to play for the Chick-Fil-A Classic Championship.

“To prepare for the games, we sit down as a team to get focused,” Senior Jaquan Allen, team captain, said.  “I was extremely nervous before the games. As a team, I feel we did our best, but we could’ve done better. Christ the King was our biggest competition, which is a private school. The game that affected me the most was Richland Northeast because it was a really close game. I thought about it all night.”

On December 19 the varsity boys played against Sol Johnson High School from Augusta, Georgia, and were defeated with a score of 70-62.

“I felt very disappointed in our team,” Junior Quinton Stroman said. “Fundamentals played a big role in that game; unfortunately, they executed better than us.”

Keenan also took an “L” against Richland Northeast High School with a score of 55-54 while going into overtime.

“The final shot was after the buzzer went off. However, I feel our boys did their best,” Junior Zahrya Davoll, team captain, said.

The Raiders were also defeated by nationally ranked Christ King of Queens, New York, with a score of 67-61.

“We did the best we could, but the odds weren’t in our favor,” Senior Daquan Clark said.

The Raiders lost a total of three games at the classics.

“Our team could’ve done much better at the classics,” Senior Eric Hopkins, team captain said. “We could’ve communicated better, helped the defense out more and rebound more. Our biggest competition was Oakhill; they played well. When we lost against Northeast, I felt we should’ve won. As a captain, in the future I will try to score more points and become a better leader.”