By Jocelyn Grace, Features Reporter

Campus Connections is a non-profit Christian organization that can serve up to 155 North and South Carolina students per year in tenth through twelfth grades. Networking, mentoring, modeling and Christian counseling are also an integral part of the program. These activities assist students with building strong foundations for future success during college.

The purpose of Campus Connection is to help students learn about specific programs such as Honors Programs and Honors Colleges at each of the toured colleges and universities. These programs provide top-level academics to the students. Honors students are competitive and among the most academically driven on the campuses. The majority of the Campus Connections students become enrolled in honors programs.

Many students who have passed through this program can testify that it is a worthwhile experience.

“Campus Connection is a great program that helps me to fully understand what I need to be prepared for college. I also love that the program allows the students to get waivers for the applications. Although the program itself is a little pricy, I believe it’s worth it,” Junior Briana Powell said.

Reggie McClain, who is a Campus Connection and Keenan High alumnus, said that he was fortunate enough to be a part of Campus Connection during the fall of 2003 into the spring of 2004. He also said being a member of Campus Connection helped him attain a scholarship covering tuition, books and fees.

To apply to be in this program, students must meet with Mr. Gerald Baucom along with at least one parent or guardian. Students and parents should call to schedule an interview between March and June before the new school year begins. They must also have ready a down payment of $100. The total cost to be in the program is $500. Campus Connection’s summer activities begin in June. Historically Black College and University campus visits begin after the start of the new school year. The minimum academic requirement for the program is a 2.5 G.P.A.