By Morgan Pough, Sports Writer

The Keenan Volleyball team started off the season with a great start by winning the Orangeburg Tournament.

“For a new group, my teammates were good and came together as a team,” Senior Valencia Grier said.

Grier believes good contributors to the team for next year would be Freshmen Jana Praileau, Tatyana Peters and Le’on Hill.

Coach Betty Gortman runs a good, tight ship, but at the same time, she’s developed relationships with her players.

“Preparing my team with hardworking practices and conditioning helps them to be fit for the games,” Gortman said.

Even though the season didn’t turn out the way many expected, it was still a success in Keenan’s eyes.

Sophomore Chasity Anderson prepared for the volleyball team by running a mile a day and practicing.

“Playing club volleyball helps me gain many skills,” Anderson said.

Anderson enjoys every minute of playing this sport and hopes to make it in college.