By Anthony Harris, Sports Writer

It is tryout time! Keenan’s upcoming track season will be approaching shortly. Students are preparing for the season. They are working tremendously hard to achieve success this season.

“I am sore right now from the hard tryouts,” Senior Titus Hopkins said.

Track team members work hard after a long day of school, doing each workout the coach tells them to do.

“Tryouts are simple; I just picture a dog behind me and run,” Junior Peter Easaw said.

It requires mental toughness to run. Thinking about things besides running can help keep your mind off the pain. This helps when doing different workouts.

“We weight lift to work on our lower and upper bod[ies], and we also do a lot of running,” Hopkins said.

These things are proven to make the runners faster, so they work hard at the exercises almost every day. The workouts make each individual a better athlete.

“Calf raises and all the sprints we do hurt the most; I think these workouts are the best to help us become faster,” Senior Kenneth Hill said.

The changes made to the track program should help make this season successful.

“This track season will turn out [well] because we have new coaches,” Hopkins said.

The new head coach, Coach John Javis, is dedicated and works just as hard as the runners to have a successful season. It remains to be seen if all of the hard work will pay off.