By Ka’Deedra Elkins, Features Writer

On November 27, 2012, Keenan’s Marching Raider Rubber Band attended South Carolina State University’s homecoming parade in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The parade was 3 miles long and lasted an hour and a half.

The Marching Raider Rubber Band was not the only band there.  Other bands who attended the parade were from Eau Claire High School, Orangeburg Wilkinson High School and Stone Mountain High School.

After the parade, the Raider Rubber Band went to the game. During half-time, State’s Marching 101 band performed, and when the game was over, the Marching Raider Rubber Band performed for the post-game show. Other bands also performed. After performing, the Marching Raider Rubber Band battled against other bands.

“The parade was long and hot, but it was worth it because we had fun,” Senior Keona Taylor, a Raiderette, said.

“I enjoyed battling other bands and performing for post-game; we did a good job as a squad,” she said.

Taylor and Senior Countess Robinson, another Raiderette, were excited when talking about the parade; they are committed Raiderettes.

“I like when we met new faces and bands; post-game was very exciting, and I think I did pretty [well],” Robinson said.

“The Marching Raider Rubber Band was very impressive; their sound was good, the marching was excellent, but the energy could have been better,” Mrs. Archias Gilmore-Brown, chorus teacher, said.

“The parade was immense; I can’t wait to do it again,” Brown said.