By Cora Webb, News Editor

As students, some dream of that day or school year when they can take their education from the classroom to broader aspects. With the upcoming Beta Club field trip to Myrtle Beach, the everlasting debate on more field trips for students at Keenan is sparked again.

Some students believe that there are few opportunities for them to leave the classroom to experience something other than textbook work. Even with the occasional required trips to Heyward Career Center or the college fairs, the students are regularly enclosed in the classroom.

“I feel bad because we don’t have any field trips as Freshmen,” Freshman Day-sha Stewart said.

There could be many reasons for the lack of exploration in the education fields, but some students just feel that the teachers do not want to have them leave the school because of expected bad behavior from the students.

“The teachers don’t want to take us anywhere because of how wild and crazy everybody acts in school already,” Junior Clinton Bouyer said.

If the educational boards would require more trips, then coming to school would be more enjoyable for students. Field trips to different jobs or fields would allow the students to look into possible future career choices and allow them to experience what they would enjoy doing. Also, they could encourage participation in school activities.

“It would give students something to look forward to at the end of a unit of study,”    Mrs. Rona Stuart, Social Studies Department Chairperson, said.

Adventurous students are now even thirstier than ever for out-of*school learning opportunities, so they even suggest methods to receive more trips.

“We should have fundraising to raise more money for field trips at school,” Freshman Gloria White said.

If there are suggestions for fundraising just to go on more fieldtrips, maybe people should look at this matter more seriously. To some, it seems that if you are not involved in a sport or belong to a club, you are stuck at school, staring in a book, being told travel is not a part of the “curriculum.”

Keenan should consider taking advantage of the curiosity of the students and use it to make us better. Instead of keeping students locked down in the classrooms, students should be lead to explore other outside or school interests that may determine their future.