By TyKira Smalls, Features Writer

From October 8 to October 12, Keenan held Spirit Week leading up to the Homecoming game that took place that Friday. Each day had a theme that students could dress up to.

Monday was College Team Day: Students could wear their favorite college team shirts or colors.

A group of students sport their favorite college team shirts for College Day. File Photo.

Tuesday was Twin Day: Students could dress like someone else.

Wednesday was Celebrity Day: Students could dress up like celebrities.

Many students participated in Twin Day, often in groups of three or more instead of two. File Photo.

Thursday was Generations Day: Students could dress up in clothes from past generations.

Friday was Blue and Gold Day: Students could dress in Keenan gear or colors. On that afternoon, the school held a Pep Rally to get Raiders in the spirit for the game that night.

Sophomore Kaira Boyd went the extra mile to dress up as Nicki Minaj for Celebrity Day. File Photo.

“My favorite day was Generations Day because I got to go back in time and dress up as Criss Cross,” Sophomore X’Avier Douglas said.

The themes let the students be very creative in what they dressed as.

Sophomores Larry Brown-Dobbs (left) and Kendra Entzminger (right) show off their style on Generations Day. File Photo.

“I participated in Generations Day, and I was Pimp Daddy M, a character I made up,” Sophomore Matthew Tyler said.

Some students went the extra mile when they dressed up.

Four students proudly flash their Keenan colors for Blue and Gold Day.  File Photo.

“Celebrity Day was my favorite day because I like standing out and having school spirit,” Sophomore Kaira Boyd, who dressed as Nicki Minaj, said.

Spirit Week left Raiders in great anticipation of the Homecoming game that night.