By Jocelyn Grace, Features Writer

The Keenan winter concert displayed a large repertoire of Christmas classics that harnessed the spirits of Christmas joy. The concert took place in the auditorium on December 6.

The audience was serenaded by the talents of the Keenan orchestra, band and chorus. The musicians performed remixes of classic Christmas songs such as “KHS Christmas,” “Jazzy Christmas Carole” and “Caribbean Christmas.”

“The concert was a huge success!  We all worked very hard, and I believe that it showed in our performance,” Junior Tarnisha Thomas, band member, said.

Ms. Christi Lewis, orchestra teacher, added that she was proud of all the performers and can’t wait for the next performance.

Audience members were also surprised at how well the concert flowed.

“The last few concerts I have attended left a little more to be desired; however, this year I was shocked when all the performances came together, and everything sounded nice,” Junior Briana Powell said.

Anyone who couldn’t make it to the winter concert should try to attend the next concert where he or she can possibly look forward to a collaboration of the band, orchestra and chorus, a dynamic musical trio.