By Keri McQueen, Features Editor

Think you’re getting into class after 8:30? Think again because Keenan strictly enforces a late policy.

The late policy is a rule that states if a student comes to school by 8:10 A.M. without a parent or by 8:30 A.M. with a parent, he or she is admitted into class. However if the student arrives to school after 8:30 A.M. without a parent, he or she is to be sent to In- School Suspension (ISS).

To many students this rule is not fair and limits their class time. In a survey taken of 24 students, six from each grade level, 100% voted the late policy isn’t fair.

Junior Clinton Bouyer argues that he doesn’t drive, and sometimes he is too late for the bus, or it comes too early.

“I can understand why administration would enforce a rule like this, but they need to be considerate of circumstances beyond our control,” Bouyer said.

To me it is evident that some students purposely arrive late for class. This is probably the underlying reason this rule is in effect.

However, 8:30 is too early a cut off time. Announcements at Keenan usually end around 8:10 and should be followed by a timed Silent Sustained Reading (SSR).

Assistant Principal Sean Glover expressed that when a student comes into the class late, it disrupts the flow of class.

“The teacher sometimes has to stop class and back track for that student; I believe this rule is for the good of the entire class,” Glover said.

Yes, rules and regulations are a very crucial component to running any kind of establishment, but administration should review some of its guidelines.

ISS is an alternate class to punish those students who misbehave in class or during the school day. Tardy or late students should not be subjected to the same conditions and be placed under the same classification as a student who doesn’t know how to conduct his or herself in class.

As a school, we shouldn’t put so much emphasis on the fact that the student was late, but more so that the student is missing work and wasting class time. A possible study hall would be a good alternate class to compensate for time lost.