Mr. Samuel Jeffrey, a custodian commonly known as Mr. Sam, knows the ins and outs of the school and is content with his position and being able to enjoy the various aspects of everyday Keenan.  Photo by Tatiana Collins, Staff Photographer.

By Cora Webb, News Editor

Do you ever just leave garbage lying around because you feel “someone else” will get it?  Who is the “someone else?”  A member of the custodial staff, that’s who.

The Keenan custodial staff members are the behind-the-scenes personnel who keep the school going and should be recognized for doing so.

Mr. Samuel Jeffrey, a custodian who has worked here for ten years, is the go-to man for problems around the school and can be seen doing a portion of everything that concerns the public presentation of the school.  Jeffrey believes that the custodial staff works as a team, and there is no “I” in team.

“My duties consist of keeping the school clean and keeping everybody happy,” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey feels appreciated that he works at Keenan and is grateful to have a job.

Ms. Barbara Wilson, a custodian who has worked for Richland County School District One for 20 years and at Keenan for five years, believes that it’s a give-or-take situation concerning students and teachers leaving unnecessary trash in the school, and she doesn’t have a problem with it, but the cafeteria is another ballgame.

“If they don’t clean it, and I walk off and leave it—I’m supposed to be a leader; I can’t do the same thing y’all do,” Wilson said.

Wilson believes sometimes she is responsible for cleaning up the entire school and assists regarding school functions because she feels she’s here for the students, and if it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t be here.

Ms. Babara Wilson, a custodian, is no stranger to Keenan. Working here for five years, she is uplifted by being able to take care of the students throughout the year.  Photo by Chassity Davis, Staff Photographer.

Mrs. Catherine Myers, Building Coordinator, has worked for the District for 20 years: at Keenan for many years, at Carver Lion Elementary for two years and back at Keenan since late April.  Myers feels that sometimes the custodial staff does not receive enough recognition for their duties at the school.

“Mr. Anthony Jarvis, a previous assistant principle for Keenan, used to always recognize us for what we have done; we used to feel appreciated for him doing that,” Myers said.

Overall, Myers is fine with her duties but believes recognition for the custodian’s actions would be highly appreciated.

The custodial staff members are the backbones for the school’s success.  What would you do if you had to come to a dirty school every day?  You wouldn’t like it, so thank the people who keep the learning environment clean—the custodians.

Mrs. Catherine Myers, Building Coordinator, has been back at Keenan since late April, after leaving her imprint on other teaching facilaties. She feels highly appreciated for her work.  Photo by Tatiana Collins, Staff Photographer.