Junior Kenyanna Killingsworth participates in the recent mock election by casting her ballot electronically. The mock election was held in the Media Center and sponsored by Ms. Brenda L. Boyd, Media Specialist, and Ms. Pamela James, Media Center Instructional Assistant.  Photo by Derrinique Simmons, Staff Photographer.

By Ke’Aundra Jones, News Writer

Students at Keenan have gotten involved with the 2012 presidential election. These last few weeks have been all about politics.

Although most students are not eligible to vote, Keenan participated in a mock election with 124 students. Pres. Barack Obama received 112 (91%) student votes.  Gov. Mitt Romney received 12 (10%) student votes.

“Young people have a powerful opinion and should be able to vote at age 16 because it determines how we live our life for the next four years,” Senior Titus Hopkins said.

Most of the students at Keenan would love to be able to vote. They wanted to have a voice in this election.

If you have knowledge of politics and good reasoning, you should be able to vote younger because some grown people don’t know about politics, Senior Kia Adams said.

Students of all grades have feelings about their right to vote.

“Not be able to vote makes me feel left out and less of an American citizen,” Freshman Ronald Corley said.

Although the thought of not voting is depressing, Keenan also has students who are glad they can vote.

“I feel more mature and grown up now that I’m able to vote,” Senior Marissa Samuel, a registered voter, said.

Students all agree that Obama is the best candidate based on the three debates. They know exactly what they want in a president.

“I want someone who can do things for me and my family,” Senior John Livingston, a registered voter, said.