By Ashley Goodwin, News Writer

The Director of Choral Activities of Keenan, Mrs. Carolyn Sanders Cleveland, was contacted by a representative of Omega Psi Phi of the Omicron Phi Chapter Fraternity about whether she had students to participate in its annual Talent Hunt program. The talent hunt was held on Sunday, February 26 at Northminster Presbyterian Church.

“Although the choral program was engaged in prior and ongoing events, I accepted the opportunity to offer this opportunity to the vocal and instrumental students in the Music Department,” Cleveland said.

The fraternity informed Cleveland that there was only approximately one week for students to make preparations for students accepted the challenge. Senior Contanzo Bryant played the trumpet.  Senior Nathalie Stewart sang Fix Me Jesus. Freshman Nickolus Stewart sang Oh What a Beautiful City. Junior Kayla Washington played the flute. The talent hunt program of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity has touched thousands of students. All participants received certificates acknowledging their participation in the program.

“The performances were outstanding. I was very shocked,” Cleveland said.

These students had past experiences participating in various competitions, such as honors, region and all-state events; ground work had been basically laid for such impromptu performances. Nathalie Stewart came in second place.

“The audience was delighted to hear such impressive performances,” Cleveland said.