By Eric Brazzle Jr., Sports Writer

Keenan is known for many things, and the Keenan Raider Rubber Band is one. The Marching Band went on a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, for a Battle of the Bands (BOTB). The Marching Band is under the direction of Mr. Brandon Hopkins. Hopkins is a former Marching 101 South Carolina State tuba player, and now he’s going to show that Keenan is ready to battle anyone for a challenge.

The first BOTB the Raiders went on was in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Raiders were up against some tough type of bands, but the Raiders still held their ground. There was a band member who knew that the Raiders were going to win, and he is Freshman Jaris Cochran, a cymbal player for the Keenan Raiders.

“At North Carolina, I felt a little fear because of the Dudley High School size and how loud they played. Although we won the BOTB, we won because our sound was superior, and Dudley was no match to our power. There is nothing I would change about our performance. It was a great exercise for the band; we have to go to for the BOTB at Atlanta, Georgia, against Osborne High School at the Tri-City High School,” Cochran said.

Cochran said that Dudley High was the best band that the band went against, but Freshman Cedric Wells disagrees.

“At Osborne we already knew we were going to wax everyone there. We weren’t bragging, but we already knew we were the best there. Keenan won the BOTB because we had the better musicality, tone and heart. I wouldn’t change anything about because that is how it [is supposed] to be,” Wells said.