By Za’Diamond Landon, News Writer

Solicitor Dan Johnson came to Keenan to be a Principal for a Day on April 26, 2012. His job as a Solicitor has 9,370 pending cases and only has 30 lawyers. He enjoys his job, and it can be difficult because, for example, if he sends somebody to jail for murder, he never goes back and change his mind on his decision he made. Johnson went into the military after September 11 because he wanted to help his country. He also went to Korea; it was a very interesting experience. He got to meet Korean people.

“This is one of the top schools; I can see the kids succeeding here,” Johnson said.

The things he saw that he really liked about Keenan were history, horticulture and technology the school is using to monitor the school’s performance. He really liked the greenhouse. One thing he said he would change is to take down the Clemson picture from inside the conference room and put a Williams- Brice picture up instead. He was really impressed with the Robotics Team. The team made him a whistle. The achievement among black males here is top in the nation. The graduation rate is high.

“Johnson will make a good administrator. He believes in a child doing his or her best to get a good education [and] Keeping youths in school,” Coach James Johnson said.

Dan Johnson wouldn’t become a principal; he enjoys his job. If he were in charge he would show off what Presseley is doing and encourage other schools to do the same. The test is not the main focus here; the success of the child comes first. The test scores show the success of this school and how the students continually are striving for excellence and to be number one.

Dan Johnson really enjoyed his experience here at Keenan, with the faculty and students.  He learned a lot about Keenan that he didn’t know before.

“I thought everything went extremely well and was good to have someone in that positions come here,” Mr. Alvin Pressely, Principal said.