By AbbreonnaTobias, Features Writer

The Lion King was held on April 18 and 19. The people who were in The Lion King included Junior Preston Perkins, Sophomore Desia Truesdale and Sophomore Raven Watts. The performance took place at Keenan’s auditorium.

“The best part in the play I liked was the fight with Scar; if I had to rate this performance, I would give it a 9.8,” Coach Fredrick Solomon said.

The lion was so amazing that some people were about to cry. It touched their heart in a special way; it brought back memories.

“The Lion King was amazing when Simba and Nila were dancing.” Solomon said.

When Nila was looking for Simba, she found him, and they went on their adventure.

“When Desia was being Simba, that’s the part I [liked],” Junior Jamas Perry said

The play was creative; it was amazing, and some parts made people cry.

“I rate this play a 100,000,000,” Perry said.

Simba is the king of the land. He is talented in very many ways.

“The scene I enjoyed the most was when Simba became king,” Sophomore Brittany Tyler said.

The scenes were well put together and everybody was very talented.

“The play was very enjoyable,” Tyler said.

The actors in the play worked their hardest to perform in front of everyone.

“We [practiced],” Sophomore Kenyonna Killingsworth said.

The Lion King made people stand up and clap for almost every scene.

“When I performed, I did an awesome job; I would rate my co-stars a 100,” Killingsworth said.