By Tarnisha Thomas and Taylor Neal, News Writers

On April 17-19 HSAP testing took place. Teachers did all they could to help students prepare for the test, now it was time for the students to show what they learned. Breakfast was served each morning and then the test began. On April 17 and 18 the reading and writing test was taken and on April 19 students took the math test. Many methods were used to prepare for the test.

“I studied and meditated,” Sophomore Kayla Isaac said.

Getting help from teachers and using USA Test Prep was another way students prepared for the test.

“[I prepared] by listening to my teacher [and] USA Test Prep,” Sophomore Tylen McKinnon said.

Some students thought the test was easy and very simple.

“I think I did [well and the HSAP]; it was fairly easy,” Sophomore Asia Kirkland said.

Other students thought it was easy but also challenging at times.

“[The HSAP] was easy, challenging and I think I did [well],” Sophomore Jermal Page said.