By Shawn Washington, Sports Writer

On March 22, JROTC held its National Awards Ceremony at Dreher High School. The awards ceremony recognized those leaders who are honorable, respectful and trustworthy. The Army Instructors from each high school nominated their students to win special awards.

Cadets from Dreher, CA.Johnson, Eau Claire, AC Flora, Columbia, Lower Richland and Keenan high schools were recognized for different awards. Several students from Keenan were recognized at this ceremony.

“I believe that the cadets earned their awards; these cadets were hardworking, committed and believed in producing results through the year,” JROTC Instructor Major Walter Savage said.

The cadets have proven to be loyal to the Raider Battalion and to Keenan. They were deserving; the cadets had to wear their uniforms, and they looked sharp, presentable and ready.

“I was excited about the award and very appreciated that I was chosen,” Senior Josheria Wilson said.

Freshman Moesha Priester was the only freshman from Keenan to win an award. The cadets were proud of her as a result of her leadership.

“She deserved it; she worked hard ever since she been in the program. She’s been working hard so that was an easy decision,” JROTC Instructor Sgt Brenda Boyd said.

Priester tries her best to take a leadership position when there is no one else around to take charge of the cadets. She has not missed a uniform day in JROTC she wears it to the best of her ability.

“I felt very honored to have an award, I was scared to walk across the stage because I had to call cadences in front of everybody that was in the audience,” Freshmen Moesha Priester said.