By Christina Belton, Features Writer, and Stanique Wilson, Features Editor

Richland County School District One had a one- week Spring Break from April 2 to April 6.

Spring Break allowed all students a one-week break from school to just hang out and enjoy a little bit of spring without school.

“My spring break was a blessed time; it was enjoyable, and I am able to reflect on how blessed my family and I are to have had this wonderful time,” Spanish Teacher Mr. Fredys Castro said.

There were many things one could do over the break; for instance, travel outside their living area, try new foods, hang with friends, and spend special time with their family or even their boyfriend or girlfriend.

“Over the break I played basketball, but my spring break was special, I was able to share that special time with my family, my girlfriend [Junior] Christina Belton, [whom] I love, and her family,” Senior Bryan Summers said.

One thing that could make one’s break the best is spending time with a special someone.

“My little Santiago, my son, made my break very special and fun,” Castro said.

Others chose to spend their breaks in special places.

“I spent time in Myrtle Beach, where I spent time with my friends and spent time with my family,” Senior Monica Robinson said.