By Latasha Williams, Sports Writer

Seniors voted on the annual superlative list January 26 and 27. This was only for Seniors; most people say it’s not for popularity. There are winners for boys and girls; the results according to Mrs. Anita Stroman, Senior Class Sponsor, are that each student who won a category well deserved it.

“Some of the categories were very close, but as with life, may the best person win,” Stroman said.

Best Dressed

1)    Craig Taylor

2)    Desiree Johnson


Most Outgoing

1)    Tyler George

2)    Taylor Ishmal


Most Courteous

1)    Kendal  Suber

2)    Ebony Coleman


Most Talented

1)    Emmanuel Brown

2)    Nathalie Stewart


Most School Spirit

1)    Chris Hampton

2)    Courtney Wallace


Best All Around

1)    Taliaferro Heyward

2)    Kalifa  Lewis


Most Likely to Succeed

1)    Tavonta  Hilton

2)    Christus Jamison


Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation

1)    Trey Stroman

2)    Natalia Gathers


Most Wanted by Administration

1)    Mylan Madison

2)    Brittney Brown


Most Talkative

1)    Shane Moore

2)    Taylor Ishmal


Most Flirtatious

1)    Deon Green

2)    Jasmine Hill


Most Likely to get Along With

1)    Branyon  Jones

2)    Maya Donald


Teachers Pet

1)    Darrell Boyd

2)    Tiera Smith


Most Popular

1)    Quinton Johnson

2)    De’Asia Rudder


Most Charming (Attractive)

1)    Antonio Ellison

2)    Tabitha Jones


Best Smile

1)    Tyler Smith

2)    Aailyah Hall


Attached at the Hip (Friends)

1)    Devin Allen and Johnaton Gathers

2)    Ray ‘Shannon Maxwell and Yasmine Romey


Most Athletic

1)    Kiante  Cureton

2)    Jocobly Brown


Best Figure Physique

1)    DavidMichael Clark

2)    Sierra Patrick-Williams


Life of the Party (Class Clown)

1)    Nicholas Henley

2)    Chaela Harris

“I have waited on this day for what seems like forever. Now it’s finally here, and I’m excited to walk in less than four months,” Senior Taylor Ishmal said.

To her, it’s pretty cool; it’s nothing she will remember next year. It’s just a little Senior fun.  She doesn’t think the whole student body should’ve voted because not every Senior knows the other. She feels the categories she was nominated for actually suited her. When a student reaches his or her Senior year, he or she sees there isn’t really a popular group. Everybody hangs with who they are comfortable with.

“I’m glad to be a Senior, one step closer to getting out of Keenan!” Senior Aailyah Hall said.

Hall kind of really knew she would win Best Smile, so there was really nothing to it. The whole student body should not vote because most of the [underclassman] don’t know Seniors, but Hall thinks maybe the Juniors and Seniors should’ve voted. She thinks she should’ve won Best Dressed, but at least she won one of the two she was going for. Somewhat it is popularity, but at the same time how is someone going to nominate a Senior if they don’t know Seniors.

“[I’m] excited about my future and making my mark!” Senior Tabitha Jones said.

She feels very blessed that her classmates view her as such; however, she believes that a person should be beautiful on the inside, too. People always remember how other people treat them, not how they look. Many of the underclassmen may not know students nominated for a superlative.  She thinks that all the Seniors who won superlatives were the best fit. She thinks it’s just for a little fun; she’s very honored and thankful.

“I’m glad to be a Senior. It lets me know I’m one step closer to my dream,” Senior Quinton Johnson said.

He feels that the whole student body should’ve voted because he feels that it would have made it fair, rather than just letting the Seniors choose. Johnson thinks that he should’ve won something else, but he’s glad he won Most Popular. Johnson does not think that it’s for popularity; it’s just to show your style.

“I am very glad to be a Senior!” Senior Kiante Cureton said.

He didn’t think he would win. He means it doesn’t matter to me but it may have been more interesting if the whole student body voted. He’s glad he won Most Athletic because he loves sports. Cureton thinks that Senior Superlatives Nomination is for popularity.

The Senior Superlatives are mostly about whom you know and whom you will get to know in the future. The student body thinks it’s for popularity and then they vote for Seniors in the categories. The majority of the Senior class said they enjoyed being able to vote for other Seniors.