By Eric Brazzle Jr., Sports Writer

The Keenan softball team is trying to win the championship this year. The only thing that is going to stop the ladies are the teams that are going to try to bet them. The softball team is depending on two girls to help make the playoffs and win the Championship. The two girls are Senior Rayshannon Maxwell and Junior Shawn Washington. Maxwell is a pitcher, and Washington is also a pitcher and an outfielder.

The softball team depends on these girls to help win because the ladies are going against the hardest teams in the district, but there are some teammates who think baseball is a team sport.

Junior Alaetra Corley is the starting back catcher for the Lady Raiders Softball Team.

“Rayshannon will be a major contribution to help us win the championship but, we also would have to play as a team,” Corley said.

Maxwell’s pitching ability is good.

“I would give her a B+. She improved on changing the speed of her pitching but, Rayshannon is still working on the control of the pitch to match with the speed,” Corley said.

The Lady Raiders Softball Team could win most of the games if everyone plays as a team.

“Sometimes the team has the attitude that we need Rayshannon to win most of the games, but that affects us quite badly, when some of our teammates have that attitude they don’t put forth the effort that we need to win as a team. Without Rayshannon pitching and her ability to strike out opponents, the team would have to play defense, but in order to get a win, everyone has to do [her] part. Rayshannon has to pitch a good game. I have to do my job as a catcher to keep up to success. I also have to make sure that Rayshannon and I keep a great attitude because the team feeds off our attitude. The players in the field have to get routine outs and the outfielders have to catch pop flies,” Corley said.

Corley  is not the only person who thinks that Maxwell should have all the hard work put in her, but Sophomore Regina Smith thinks that it’s a team that wins games, but Maxwell will help win championships.

Smith is an outfielder for the Lady Raiders.

“I think that Rayshannon will help the softball team make it to the championship because she is the strongest, most motivated person on the team.  Rayshannon’s pitching grade to me is an A+ because when she messes up, she picks back up with a positive attitude and makes excellent strikes,” Smith said.

In a way the softball team does depends on Maxwell to win most of the games because she is more experienced, but as a team they all have roles and parts to play, so in the end it’s all about  the team’s effort that is put into winning.

Maxwell is the Senior pitcher of the Lady Raiders Softball Team, but next year there will be another person stepping up in her pitching spot.

Washington is an rising Senior. Washington will be the starting pitcher for the Lady Raiders next year.

Washington has a lot of confidence in herself, but she is a little afraid.

“I think once I get [used] to pitching, then maybe I would help them get halfway there,” Washington said.

Washington grades her pitching ability a 5 on a scale of 1-10.

“I would rate myself a 5 because I am still really learning how to center my pitches.” Washington said.

Washington doesn’t plan on going to college, but if she gets a scholarship, then maybe she would go and the college she would attend would be the University of Phoenix.

Washington would play in the WMLB if there were a league like that.

“I would play because I kind of like playing softball, it helps me get some anger out,” Washington said.